Unfrequented Tracks

Series of 9 Monoprints on unbleached paper 

Exhibited at Fringe Arts Bath with Non-Place Collective

Drawings from the fringes of the world.

Periphery places; isolated, rarely visited and often forgotten. Acting as both viewer and maker, these quiet and sombre scenes of disparate locations are drawn from a distance.

The undesired (place) is dreamt of by the psycho-traveller, traversing images, times and histories and asking:

What is today like there?

        What is the weather doing?
How does it feel to be there?
                                Who calls this home?

Wales, Alaska, USA

St. Kilda, Isle of Boreray, Scotland

Murmansk, Russia

Yakutsk, Russia

Pevek, Russia

Tristan da Cunha

Qaanaaq, Greenland

Ushuaia, Argentina

Svalbard, Norway